Sunday, February 2, 2014

Neo Jovian Rockets

Many years ago I discovered a game called Bloodbowl. At the time I was in high school and my friends, brother and I played many a league during that summer. Those days of managing a team of and leading them to victory or more often defeat left an indelible mark on me. So I went out and bought a copy of Dreadball. Why not just get some more Bloodbowl guys and paint them up? I have no idea but I'll probably due so at some point as well.

In the mean time Dreadball has some nice looking figures, and the mechanics seem rather clever as well. I also like the idea of doing a Sci-Fi style sports game. I could putting together a team of Star Wars type aliens but to start with I'll just go with standard figures.

I bought the base game that comes with the humans and Orks (or whatever Mantic calls them.) I also picked up the other two original teams. Now my plan when I got them was to try to get them painted up for the holidays and get a game in with my brother, but the reality of life quickly shattered that dream. But there is always sometime this summer or maybe next holidays to get the game in.

So here is the first of the human team: The Neo Jovian Rockets.

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