Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gutter Hounds

These little fellas are the Gopher Wolves from Khurasan Miniatures. When I first spotted them in the catalog I knew they would fit me perfectly. I really like the weird anatomy they have, and their strange almost aquatic heads. They are both disturbing but strangely likable.

I painted them up to fit in with the big wormy guy that I finished last year. I figure these gutter hounds are more of scavengers that live in the tunnels with the large worm creatures. Following along to pick up any scraps or swarm over anyone that has been run off on their own, like a pack of weird, otherworldly hyenas. 

The hounds head out into the night to search for prey!


  1. Very nice paintjob and miniatures but I must admit I never stumbled upon those miniatures when browsing through the Khurasan catalogue!


    1. Thanks, you can find them tucked away in the 15mm Post Apoc section.

  2. Oh, those are really nice. Very creepy anatomy and a perfect paint job!


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