Saturday, February 8, 2014

Esoteric Order of Cthon

 Next up some more Khurasan Minis. These four friendly fellows are listed as Octopus God Cultists and they definitely make nice cultist figures. I've always liked tentacle face guys ever since running into mindflayers while playing D&D. I guess these guys are probably part of the inner circle and either came a little to close unspeakable powers or maybe are some kind of hybrid creature. Either way I imagine life with a tentacle face could be a little difficult. Not too many nights on the town.

Heading down to the pub.
 They come with separate heads to give you a little variety, but some of the heads don't fit as well as others. I needed to fill a couple of gaps with green stuff to avoid having weird giraffe necks on a couple. As usual with Khurasan miniatures they painted up easily. I wanted them to fit in either as with a standard Cthulhu sea cult or also to go with all of my worm creatures, the Cthonians. I opted for green robes and a variation of the worm flesh.

Looking at the above larger picture its also become evident that I need to replace my dark green paint as it appears to have some particulate in it. Not as noticeable in real life though but one of those hazards of photographing little figures. After all the actual miniature is less than half as large as the one in the picture.

Disagreement with the local Vigilance Committee.

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  1. Love these guys Brian - tentacle faced cultists are the bomb!


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