Saturday, April 14, 2012

"As under a green sea"

  To begin with the Walloon Jacquerie was only remarkable in the speed and quantity in which the anarchists and workmen assembled and marched on Liège. Although contact was lost with the troops sent to guard the colossi foundries this was not noticed until much later and at first the attention of the Belgium command was focused on dispersing the rioters. This proved more difficult then first expected due to them being remarkably well armed. Nevertheless, the discipline and drill of the Belgium troops soon led to them having the upper-hand and they were shortly hunting down the scattered pockets of die hard revolutionaries. 

  It was at this point that many believe Professor Emil offered his services and research to the desperate hold outs. It is unlikely they understood what exactly he was offering but grasped at any possibility to turn the situation around. As the Belgium troops were storming the last stronghold of the revolutionaries that the spore clouds were first encountered. In the alleyways between the worker's tenements it was described as a "green-yellow fog" and like moving "as under a green sea, small particles darting about like minuscule fish." 

  At first the troops merely coughed and gagged on the spores, but as soon as they made it into the last hideout the source was revealed. The interior of the house was coated in a thick layer of fungus and great mounds pumped out the spores like bellows. Amongst the fungi shambled great heaps that once were men but now had become something else. And even as the figures lurched forward streams of spores blew out from gill like vents along their body. The soldiers did not know it then but soon the spores they inhaled would transform them the same way and much of Liège would resemble those small, mold covered rooms. 
                                                                                                         - A History of the Liège Incident

The first of what will probably be many fungal creatures is done. Here are a few fun fungus facts. Fungus are more closely related to animals than plants. Some of the largest known organisms on earth are fungus colonies. One covers 8.9 square kilometers and is estimated to be 2400 years old. No wonder Professor Emil is so obsessed with fungi!

Scale Comparison

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