Friday, April 6, 2012

The Cabal

Rough sketch of Cabal Soldier
Next on my cast of players is the Cabal. Right now I'm going to work on two figures for them. The first is a foot soldier. For the time being I'm going to use Cryx warjacks for the Cabal's colossi. In order to tie the soldier to that look I'm going with a skull mask for him. Plus since the Cabal is a secret society within secret societies it lends a bit of masquerade to the figure. He's armed with a ray gun due to the Cabal using a unique blend of mysticism and technology. Plus I haven't made one yet and I want to.


The second is the Slender Man. They serve as observers and hatchetmen for the top ranks of the Cabal. I wanted a pose that would show off their inhuman physiology but not be over the top. I kinda like this look but I'd like to do a more hyper action pose and a more rigid standing pose in the future.
Soldier a little further along
The beginnings of the Slenderman

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