Sunday, May 31, 2015

Possessed Civillian

This is one of the figures I didn't quite get done in time for the painting challenge now two months gone. I wanted to make a figure to show someone who got a bit too close to extra-dimensional powers and hasn't come out the better for it. He was sculpted up from a basic armature and then I just added a whole bunch of tentacles to him.
In progress shot, tentacles are just starting to grow. 
The nice thing about making your own figures is that you don't have to worry about casting limitations. In this case I was just able to add tentacles going all over with a lot of void space to give the impression of the figure being completely supported by the tentacular mass that he has for a head now.  
Side view

Sculpting is all done and he's prepped for painting.

Out and about menacing the neighbors. 
He painted up really fast as I went with a simple scheme. I tried to make the tentacles a similar color to the Shoggoths that I painted some time ago. Perhaps he's half transformed into one? The frock coat and pants are just a basic brown to contrast with the purply grey. For the skin tone for the hands I went with a pale sickly fleshtone.

  My plan is to fit him in with the Cabal, my evil faction. Maybe an experiment gone wrong or right?
 I might try to make a couple of my troopers as minders for him. I'd like to give them some sort of cattle prods or the like to direct him in the right direction.

"Who me,  Officer?" 
So it's been two months since my last post. The usual assortment of excuses I'm afraid mostly centered around several life changes. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in to regular posting schedule again as things have settled down somewhat. Finishing up my modular gaming boards are the next big project and I still have a couple of other figures that are leftover from the Painting Challenge as well.  


  1. Cracking post and worth waiting for. ;) Wonderfully creepy and nicely painted too.

    1. Thanks Mr Awdry, it's good to be back posting.

  2. Excellent idea, design and execution. reminds me a lot of "The Thing". I am quite impressed by your sculpting skills. The torso, legs and hands look very good and the tentacles are evenly sized, smooth and taper off properly. A job well done!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. Either by design or luck I avoided the part that I'm worst at sculpting- faces!


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