Saturday, August 9, 2014

Smethwick- Abernathy Mechanical Hounds

Clearing off a couple more partially painted miniatures from the paint table. These two are a pair of steampunk spiders from Wyrd miniatures. I picked up two different packs so have about 6 more to do. The first went together easily, the second was a fiddly nightmare as I tried to glue on four tiny legs. I essentially gave up on doing a good job and just slopped super glue on till it held together when I pulled my fingers away.
Going out on the hunt for some rabbits!

Once construction was overcome they got the standard steampunk paintjob of brass and steel. I think some of the others will get painted in the household colors of whomever last owned them.  I've included more information as well as their stat card over on my SteamWorks page.

The culprit on the right was the one that provoked quite a few choice words before finally staying together. 
Loyal hounds patrolling the grounds. 


  1. Nice work, if a little fiddly! Unusual little critters!

    1. Thanks Mark. I like them well enough that I'll go through the trouble of putting the rest together.

  2. They look great Brian and bravo for your patience! Why is it that sometimes superglue can stick instantly and at others the two pieces just slide around as if you are using water? All very frustrating.

    1. Thank you Michael. The main problem with superglue is that it seems ten times more adhesive between the miniature and your skin than between the parts you're actually trying to glue together. If only someone could come up with something that worked the other way around they could make millions!


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