Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Cabal Pawn Painted

I actually painted him up last week but a weekend birding trip down to Delaware pushed back getting him photographed and posted. I think with the paintjob the rifle is still big but not as horrible out of scale as it looked in the raw resin. I might look for something else to use as the cabling leading from the backpack however. Maybe a thicker piece of wire or a second one wound around it. All of the guitar strings I have are way to big and besides they are much too hard to manipulate at this scale. I might consider casting a likely hose and try to bend it into shape before the resin cures.

Better look at the backpack. Just noticed a bubble in the casting at the top of the chimney that I didn't fill.

Now I just need to finish up the 4 other ones I have. After that I'm thinking of ordering some more of the base miniatures from Khurasan, who just so happens to have released some new WW1 Germans and French that look fantastic.

Look out!
With this project underway I'm now one more step closer to having two forces ready to play with. I thought it might be worthwhile to outline my current plans for the rest of the year and where they stand.
  • Play a game with my SteamWorks guys- Next big push will be to get my terrain boards done and then I should have a good idea where to go from there. Still tentatively scheduled for the end of November.
  • Dreadball- I'd still like to get my teams painted up by Christmas when I might be able to get a game in with my brother.
  • New Secret Project- This one I just came up with over the past weekend and I've started the initial steps of collecting miniatures and a rough start on the terrain. Keeping this one under-wraps till I have something done on it but it will be in 28mm. 
  • Robotech- Supposedly this is starting to ship. I haven't really heard any news since the debacle of Palladium selling Robotech at Gen-Con however, so no real idea on whats happening here. I should probably start roughing out some buildings and whatnot to go with this whenever it does arrive.


  1. Like that a lot. It has a sort of 'Dune' feel to the figure.

  2. Thanks Mark! Coincidentally, I am planning on some giant worms sometime in the future!


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