Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fungi Man-ia

The second fungi man that I sculpted. Well actually I sculpted him first, but painted him second. This rounds out all of the miniatures that I sculpted myself.

Please excuse the picture quality. I ran down the battery on my new camera taking pictures of snowy owls and had to resort to an old back up pocket camera.
I painted him up similar to the other one with a dull greenish skin tone but I also tried out using more washes and glazes to mottle out the coloration. While I'm happy with most of him the back just didn't turn out the way I wanted. I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking when I sculpted him but his back ended up looking like a dried shiitake mushroom. Not a very inspiring surface to paint. I tried to make it look like a honey mushroom cap but even after repainting it three times it still doesn't look the way I want. Oh well, in the future I'll have to remember to either make slightly more interesting features in the sculpting or to leave it more of a blank canvas. It really pays off at the painting stage. Sometimes when you don't have a clear concept of what your are going for it turns out a little muddled.

Try as I might the back still ended up looking like a turtle shell.

I have a couple more miniatures on the table so hopefully I'll be able to knock them out this month and get a couple more notches on the paintbrushes before the year ends.

The fungi patrol cruising the streets!

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