Friday, March 15, 2013

The Beast Of the Black Forest

Prussian Infantry encounter the Beast at the edge of the Schwarzwald.

I finished painting up the Ghug (last seen way back here). I tried to make him look kinda like an elephant sticking mostly to grey mixed with fleshtones. Looking at the pictures below though I might need to go back in and give him another lighter highlight. He seems a little dark to me. I tried out the GW textured paints on the base and was more than a little disappointed. It was basically just thick paint with very little texture to it. Not sure if I just got a bad pot or didn't mix up well enough but I wasn't much impressed with my first experience. I'll probably rebase it at some point but for now he's done.


Probably not what you want peeking in your window at night!
I also came across some fine foliage in the basement that I had bought for another project years ago. Although somewhat fragile it looks great especially in this scale as trees and scrub. I based some on pieces of plastic card with washers glued to them. Some quick wood putty work and then finished it off much like the rest of my bases. I'm not sure how they will stand up overtime with gaming but for pictures they work great.

The trees were ready to go out of the box, just needed to do the basing.

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