Monday, March 14, 2016

Return to the Blog

Well its been 6 months since I last posted on the blog. There isn't one cataclysmic cause but instead the usual slow creep of many small things caused me to move my focus away from hobby related pursuits. But the biggest is probably the butterfly effect. I'm not referring to Chaos theory but instead the tendency to flitter from one interest to another.

Rofous Hummingbird
The stem he is sitting on is sculpted, the slice of maple that forms the base is from a fallen tree in my backyard

I think we can all relate to butterfly effect in our hobby. Few of us have the single minded focus and willpower to work thru and complete projects before moving onto another. I tend to move around between various genre and individual projects leaving partially completed models behind in my wake. Sometimes I come back to finish them up sometimes they languish for years gathering dust.

Blue Jay bust

In this case I've been working on sculpting projects just not the usual  miniature ones. My wife and I have a side business selling bird sculptures. She does needle felting and I mostly work in polymer clay. For the past months this is where most of my creative energy has been going.

Evening Grosbeak

I know that most people following a miniatures blog probably don't share my particular interest in bird sculpture so I've only posted a couple of projects here and there in the past. But I also decided to put up a few pictures of my recent favorites.

Boreal Owl
So that's what I've been up to and in the next post it's going to be what I'm working on now.

African Penguins


  1. Those are absolutely charming, I just love the hummingbird sitting on the sapling.

    1. Thanks, the Hummingbird and the Bluejay are the two I'm most happy with.


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