Friday, February 8, 2013

A Room Without a View

This was just a quick side project to go with photographing my figures. I only really had two scenes to take pictures in at the moment, the farm and the ruined building. Somewhat limiting to storytelling. So I knocked together a room of a typical Victorian home.

Assembled out of odds and ends I had lying around.
It's put together the same as what I usually build, foamcore walls with the flooring and panelling in bass wood with the planks scribed in. I also used one of my cast windows and then sculpted some drapes around it. Finally, I glued down a piece of thin plastic card, filled it in with wood filler,  and covered it with flock the same way as I did my tile board.

Forgot to take a picture before I painted on a brown undercoat. Now its all sepia toned.
Painting was straight forward. I went with a tan and burgundy scheme loosely based off some reference pictures I found online. The walls in any proper Victorian home would be wallpapered so I made a simple stencil and stippled on some patterning. The rug got stippled as well but this time more or less freehand. Finally some gloss varnish for the window glass and satin varnish for the woodwork to give it some shine.

Might come back and repaint the rug at some point. My freehand skills aren't really tight enough for the detail at this scale. 

"I knew the American has big pockets but this was not what I was expecting!"

I should make some furniture and other odd and ends to go with it as well but I'll leave that to the future. Maybe I'll do some pictures to hang on the walls to cover up some of the mistakes I made with the wallpapering.


  1. That's awesome! Now you need to sculpt a 15mm EM Forster miniature to hang out there!

    1. Thanks Scott! Maybe I'll do a whole series of Victorian writers.

  2. That would be awesome, actually! H.G. Wells would be cool too.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks e-p! I'm really happy with how the texture came out on it. Next time I might try for a little denser design to the paint job though.


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