Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Inspector and the Bull

One more painted up. Inspector Collins was also sculpted way back when. Both he and Gordon "Bull" Sweeney are wearing Bowler hats, which I'll admit to having quite a fondness for. Probably why I painted these two up first.

 I've also come to think of the two as the mismatched main characters in a buddy cop story. Inspector Collins is the more cerebral and level headed one and of course an actual member of law enforcement. Bull (who I imagine got his nickname both for his size and his tendency to rush into things) supplies both physical muscle and connections to the criminal underworld from his prize fighting days. Together they solve crimes and try to keep each other out of too much trouble while investigating the bizarre cases in the U Files!

 U File: 239

 Bull: "What are we looking for again?

Inspector: "The tip wasn't specific. I guess we'll know it when we see it."

Inspector: "Hmm what do you make of this strange substance in the corner?"

Bull: "You get that in these old derelicts. Vagrants you know."

Inspector: "This warehouse only burned down last week. Besides its on the inside of this wrecked crate."

Bull: " You mean some one was shipping ..."

Inspector: " Shh! Did you hear something?"


  1. I'm quite fond of their bowler hats too.

    1. It was a great time to be a hatter. Well, except for the going mad part. At least I don't have to use mercury to make my hats.

  2. Looks like they stepped right of a Sherlock Holmes dime novel--great work!

    1. Thanks Scott! Look for the next installment once I get some more guys painted up.


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