Monday, May 7, 2012

Mental Wanderings

Still not much progress from me on any miniatures projects. Not sure if I'm just busy or lacking in motivation. Probably more of the second.

Anyways here is a sculpt I did a long time ago, Captain Hannibal Lop. Quick on the draw, Hannibal runs a ship for hire the Castoff. His hardbitten cigar chomping exterior hides a heart of gold and a fierce loyalty to his crew. I'd like to get around to doing the other two crew members as well, Reginald a parrot who acts as both pilot and comms expert, and Mr Bubbles engineer who is a goldfish in a mechanical suit.

Old pics too. Ill try to put new ones up soon.
I also want to put some more details on him, patches, insignia, etc. Maybe I'll do that soon too.

I've also run across the some great steampunk miniatures at Lead Adventure. I think these are brilliant I love the details and character on them, although some of the poses are a little wonky. Even though they are 28mm I might get some. Or at least take some inspiration from them as my free funds for gaming are a little low at the moment.

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