Monday, December 26, 2011

15mm Victorian Sculpts

Over Christmas I've been playing around with sculpting. Partially inspired by the steampunk nature of Warmachine warjacks I've gone with a Victorian theme, but I'm doing my guys in 15mm. When standing next to those warjacks it turns them from 28mm robots into 15mm giant steampunk mecha. Kinda cool what forced perspective can do.

My lovely photographer trying out her new camera.

  Here is my first partially completed sculpt,  Sherlock Holmes. And the beginnings of some other guys. I'll put more up as they progress. I do have to say that I'm really enjoying myself sculpting these guys. Normally when I sculpt 28mm I get bored part of the way through or get frustrated with doing the detail. These guys are super quick and I'm not fussing with the little details just pushing the putty around. Surprisingly fun when I ignore my perfectionist tendencies with modeling and just sculpt. 


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